House Rules & Pet Policy

House Rules


  • No smoking (cigarettes or otherwise) on the property.
  • Please use fire safety when utilizing the wood stove, outdoor fire table, or outdoor fire pit. It is your responsibility to check Mason County burn restrictions before starting a fire.
  • Use caution when enjoying the Skyroom. Children must be supervised at all times while in the staircase, Skyroom, and on the Skyroom balcony. A child safety gate is installed on the stairwell (on the first landing from the main level) to help you keep pets and children from entering.



  • Clean up after yourself. It is as if you’re staying at your friend’s grandparents’ really cool tower house for the weekend: wash your dishes, throw away your trash, sort your recycling, and clean up spills and splashes.
  • After using the outdoor grill, clean it thoroughly. Grill & oven cleaner is available (if necessary) under the kitchen sink.
  • Make sure items end up in the rooms where you found them. This is especially important for the Skyroom, as our cleaners (understandably) prefer to not make repeat trips up and down the stairs while they’re rushing to make things ready for the next guest. Pack out what you pack in, please.



  • Neighborhood Quiet Hours: 10PM-8AM 
  • Privacy is important to us, and we would like to respect your privacy, too. We have exterior cameras in place for everyone’s safety. There is a camera at the front door and one by the garage. 
  • Do not flush any products other than toilet paper. There are trash cans in every bathroom, usually under the sink.
  • Let us know right away if something is broken or missing. We understand accidents happen. While we’re happy when guests offer to cover damages, it’s most important that
    we know about it as soon as possible, which may prevent charges to you later on. 


Pet Policies 

We love pets at the Skyhouse, but have strict pet policies we expect all human guests to adhere to.  Please also refer to the Alderbrook Golf & Yacht ClubPup on Porch community regulations for additional pet rules. Guests bringing pets are required to disclose their presence and agree to pet policies, so let us know about any possible pet visitors at the time of booking.

    • Pets should not be left alone on the property. Take them with you when you go, or leave a responsible human at the house with them (for extra snuggle time, of course). 
    • Clean up after your pet immediately. This includes outdoor pet waste AND all indoor accidents, which should be disposed of in a tied bag in the outdoor garbage bin only.
    • Do not let pets explore the house unattended. Keep them with you or follow them as they explore their new favorite vacation house. There is a baby gate for guest use at the very bottom of the stairwell, next to the vacuum cleaners.
    • Upon checkout, perform any extra cleaning necessary in the rooms your pets have occupied to remove evidence of pet use. We suggest paying special attention to baseboards and lamp shades, where pet hair tends to accumulate, plus any areas where your pet snuggled and ate. Please vacuum every room your pet visited.
    • Please use the pet blankets provided when your fuzzy friend is on the furniture. These blankets are usually found in both the living room and the rec room, and have a paw design. We know it's sometimes hard to keep pets off the beds (THEY'RE JUST SO SNUGGLY AND SWEET!), but just a heads up: an accumulation of pet hair on the duvets and sheets is the #1 cause of additional cleaning time (and charges). We strongly suggest avoiding these charges by strategically using the pet blankets provided.
    • If additional cleanup (due to messes left by or because of your pet) is required, a minimum charge of $100 will be taken from the security deposit. Additional charges will occur if our cleaning crew spends more than one hour cleaning up after your pet or if any repairs or replacements are necessary. Agreeing to our pet policies (upon booking via Airbnb or upon signing the lease agreement) confirms that you understand our house rules and agree to these possible additional charges. 

But just so you know, most of our guests bring pets, and we hardly ever have to charge additional fees! We love that our guests take care of our home just as we do.

Image courtesy of Kelsy Berg