Pet Friendly

 Welcome to your pet's new favorite vacation house! The Skyhouse is pet friendly, but that flexibility does come with some special requests for our furry guests and their families. We provide an outdoor water dish and some throw blankets for you to use with the furniture to keep everything clean for our housekeeping staff and future guests. On the hill below the Skyhouse, there is a large, unfenced grassy area for you pup to run around. We try to keep small doggy bags above the kitchen trash for waste removal. See our pet policies below, and always ask if you have specific questions about whether or not your pet will be a good fit for the Skyhouse.

Pet Policies 

We love pets at the Skyhouse, but have strict pet policies we expect all human guests to adhere to.  Please also refer to the Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club community regulations for additional pet rules. Guests bringing pets are required to disclose their presence and agree to pet policies, so let us know about any possible pet visitors at the time of booking.